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Holden Commodore VT-VY LS1 PCM (GM P01) Service No: 12200411

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Holden Commodore VT-VY LS1 PCM (GM P01) Service No: 12200411

Price: $250.00

This PCM is used in all VT-VY Holden Commodores with the LS1 V8 fitted. It may also be used where Service Number: 12200411 is specified. Some identify this PCM by the connector colours namely, red-blue.

It comes unlocked and loaded with a stock Holden OS of your choice (International buyers may choose to have a different OS loaded). This allows casual users of HP Tuners software to run the OS of their choice without incurring additional credits to 'license a file'.

Alternatively for users with EFILive V1 Personal, we can load an EFILive Custom OS v3 or v5 instead of a standard Holden OS.

Upon ordering, email us at info@turboindustries.com.au with your desired Operating System number.

See our Mail Order Tunes for a PCM preloaded with a high quality, dual spark table mafless tune. Rebate available upon receipt of your original PCM (we will not charge extra for a locked PCM provided it is not physically damaged).

Unlocking service for locked PCMs also available. Contact us for more details.